what i'm about
The non morbid fascination of death.
For as long as I can remember I've had an intense relationship with the humaness of death.  It is something that touches us indirectly and eventually directly - there is no escaping it.  In the meantime we can learn so much from the social history aspect of death.  This also ties in with my love of genealogy and knowing WHO is a part of me.

I adore researching my family history  and love my Taphophile hobby.

        arrowHeadstone photography -  and ongoing research.
                Discovering stories via my grave photograpy and
                sharing with others via Flickr; my blog and other databases

        arrowCurrentlymournng brooch
               -   I am researching a mourning
                    brooch from our collection and
                    writing a paper about it
                    for  publication.                    



as collection manager, human history

~Te Pahi medal  care. Medal bridges past & future for Te Pahi descendants
~Collection: medals, awards, presentation pieces and personal items of an iconic New Zealander & other service personnel
~WWI Souvenir cloths
~Collection: Chinese clothing, fur stoles, misc objects
~WWI needlework cloth [by recouperating soldier]
~WWII Mouth Organ & Kit bag
~Prayer Shawl bag

~Himalayan Trust Gala Dinner 29 May 2014
~Attended with objects for Sir Tony Robinson's visit
~Attended Consulate visit: Koen Verlaeckt &
   David Jordens
~Arranged member of public visit with Ensign McKenna's Victoria Cross