In 2012 I was given an old chocolate box full of photographs, ephemera and manuscripts previously owned by my Great Grandmother Lucy KENNEDY nee EVANS [1891-1961] and found in a wardrobe in her home after her death.


This is the second page of selected photographs: Topic - Bramwell Booth Boys Home Temuka, an institution originally intended as a "training farm for war orphans".

The Salvation Army purchased in 1916, 'Greenhayes' the former home of the late Colonel HAYHURST, which was inherited by him after his fathers death.  The Colonel was also the Mayor of Temuka at the time of his  death in a car accident in 1914 when he and Mr R R MARTIN, proprietor of the "Temuka Leader" and former organiser for the Reform Party throughout New Zealand and  another man were in a new torpedo-shaped Darracq which the Colonel had just imported and only driven a few times.

"It is eminently suited for this having spacious rooms, and surroundings which are excellent in every way.  The plan of the Army authorities is to establish homes in which orphan children of soldiers shall have the preference."

My grandfather John [Jock] KENNEDY [1911-1995] was sent here during the 1920's with his brother James [Jim 1915 - 2003]  to live when their father was institutionalised and times became tough for their Great Grandmother Lucy KENNEDY nee EVANS.  Their background  story is HERE







"To my loving darling mother from John with Love XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX..."

Grandad Jack is sitting, Great uncle Jim is standing.

'Jock' and 'Jim' KENNEDY c1928

Grandad John is to the left in photo, his brother Jim on the right  c1923

John KENNEDY c1928

"This was taken on the 11th March 1928 from your son John
Let me know what you think of me please
to Dear old Mum
Mrs L J Kennedy"

This was the day before his brother Jim's 13th birthday.  John himself would have been 17 in September that year, however looks much younger.

I do not know who the woman is.  Possibly a teacher at the home.

The Bible Class

"To Mother from Jim
The Bible Class"

Great Uncle Jim is first left, back row
Grandad John is third left back row

John and James KENNEDY

Grandad John is second from the right


Not 100% sure if this is Great uncle Jim, however features are similar but not bending his head to the left which seemed to be a trait in other photos of him,.

Note the Salvation Army hat.

Music time at Bramwell Booth home

John and/or Jim are probably in this shot.  Band practice at the home.
Tucked neatly into great grandmas photograph album

Bramwell Booth Boys Home, Temuka

Again, tucked into great grandma's album indicating that John and Jim are probably amongst these boys walking on parade.  Probably put on show for their parents.

Note the three Salvation Army members in full uniform.

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

Exterior capture of the home and gardens

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

Exterior capture of the home and gardens

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

Interior capture of the home

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

View from the upper balcony

Note the tennis courts

Bramwell Booth Boys Home, Temuka

Most certainly a greenhouse at the home.

Unidentified boy however he does appear in other photographs in the album

Bramwell Booth Boys Home, Temuka

Great Uncle Jim [James]

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

"The oats with glass house & home in back ground"

Fellow second left looks to be Uncle Jim [James]

Bramwell Booth Boys home c1928

Summerhouse with bull outside

Possibly near Bramwell Booth Boys Home, Temuka

"Swimming in the creek with Maori friends"

Pig pens - Bramwell Booth Boys Home, Temuka


Gathering outside car

I have no idea what this gathering was for and cannot work out what the women without a hat is holding.

The boys are all in their 'uniform' for the home.
Note the Salvation Army officer standing to the right of photograph

Mrs POWICK and 2 baby's of home
"Mrs POWICK & two baby's of Home"

A hunch had me thinking that Mrs Powick may be connected to the home as other than a parent solely because of the formality of the wording on the back of the photograph and it was written as if they weren't Mrs Powick's children.  My hunch proved correct.  A net search bought up a recent obituary for her daughter Florence Maitland HARVEY [nee POWICK] who died 16 November 2013 aged 107 only a few days before I researched this!  This confirmed the Salvation Army link. 

Using Paperspast the futher connections were made.

This is Eliza Margaret POWICK nee PROCTOR, wife of Adjutant John Henry PROCTOR who was in charge of the Boys Home at the time my Grandfather and his brother were there.  'Major' Powick later was in charge of the Peoples Palace in Christchurch.

Evening Post,
Volume CXI, Issue 18, 22 January 1931, Page 4

Mrs Eliza POWICK died 1962
Adjutant/Captain John Henry POWICK died 1958
There is some family information HERE
Miscellaenous news articles relating to the Boys Home




Jan 1917 - 1919 Captain and Mrs HAWKINS were in charge of the Temuka branch of the Salvation Army which saw "the establishment of the Bramwell Booth Boys Homes at Greenhayes"

April 1919 Adjutant and Mrs WAIN as manager and matron respectively

Other donations/bequests to the home:  Mrs LOWRY of Hawkes's Bay - £1000

Item relating to the orphans homes and fees - June 1916 HERE


Watt-Lowry School for the boys at the home opens - August 1917 . Story HERE


Newspaper article September 1919 listing school results for second term at the home HERE

There was noted at that time to be 55 boys at the home with a further 2 from Oamaru expected.  All boys were busily engaged in practical farm work.  The home was open for inspection every Thursday from 2 to 4.30pm.


December 1919 - Sir Joseph WARD visits the home


July 2013 - Bramwell Booth home no longer viable





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